Case Study - Fashion Brand

2x growth within a month

Client: A leading fashion brand in the USA.

Brief: The sales of this brand were down due to some issues like - ads not performing, website, offers, etc. resulting in poor traffic, high bounce rate, and very less sales.

Before signing up with us, the client was doing $6,165.13, their marketing budget was $2000 per month for Facebook ads. They were not able to scale beyond this point due to some issues. Here’s a screenshot from November: 

When the client signed up with Crobstacle, we helped them in crossing the obstacles that were coming in their way to grow. Some minute, but necessary to succeed changes needed to be done.

Crobstacle conducted a study and found that the brand was lacking in:

1) Website Optimization

  • The website did not have testimonials on its home page, as well as on the landing page.
  • We optimized as well as added high-quality images of the products.

2) Facebook Ads

  • The brand was not using high converting, good quality ad creatives. The creative was not able to make people click on the shop button.
  • The brand was not targeting every visitor/engager who performed any action at MOF and BOF.
  • They did not make separate ad copies for each set of Funnel (BOF, MOF, and TOF)
  • The budget was not set up properly for different stages of the funnel as well as no plan on using it efficiently.
  • The brand was not effectively making use of the existing data available.

3) Upsells and Offers

  • They were not mentioning ‘Frequently Bought Together’ products on the landing page.
  • They were not doing Email and SMS Marketing to keep people retained and engaged with the brand.
  • They were not leveraging their existing customers.

Crobstacle took the charge of all the things mentioned above and took the matter in hands by implicating all of the above, this act by Crobsatcle doubled the client’s revenue for the month of December. Here’s the screenshot:

The best part is, the budget of $2000 is not even completely used up.

A lot of great things are coming up for this client. This is just a start. Will share another case study of this client after few months. Watch this space for more…

January update as of 23rd Jan, 2021